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RPTS 446 Fall 2013 Grading Petition

We the students of RPTS 446.500 if Fall 2013, by signing this petition, voice valid concern and object to the grading/points strategy of Professor Jose Quintana. We stand firmly by our position for the reasons listed below. -Very little applicable material was presented during the semester. Most lectures were based around "Ted Talks" and Youtube videos. Most classes only met for an average of 20 minutes. We do not see where got our moneys worth from this course. -"Bonus Attendance" days which were supposed to be added on as a bonus, are now counting against those that did not attend rather than being a bonus for those that did. -Many discrepancies with the grading of the major group project. The project that was supposed to be worth 20% of our grade, was solely graded on a 7 minute presentation, of which the entire group was not even a part. The sub-groups of each group completed a full report of which were not considered in the grading. Many of the student's individual grades differ quite a bit within each group. -There are several assignment's assigned points on e-campus that were never offered in class (LinkedIn Maps, Texas Red's Volunteering) For the reason's listed above, we, the student's feel we have been done a disservice and have not received a fair and proper education in this course. We petition a further investigation and possible corrective actions be taken by the RPTS departmental administration. " On our honor as Aggies, we validate that each e-signature below is that of the represented student."

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